About Us

Lesly McDevitt’s love for sweets & baking started at a very young age. A Pastry Arts graduate from The Restaurant School @ Walnut Hill College she founded and launched The Sugary in 2017. Located in the East Falls section of Philadelphia, The Sugary is a made to order dessert studio specializing in cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Her passion for visually appealing, innovative and delicious desserts can be experienced in every creation she makes. Our menu consists of classic American style desserts that are made from scratch using the freshest and best ingredients. We customize your order to have a unique and creative look without compromising taste or quality. Life is full of special occasions, let The Sugary add a touch of magic & sweetness to your event. When not baking, Lesly can be found eating her favorite dessert, ice cream with her fiancé Ron and playing with her cute pup, Charlie.